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Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used by all kinds of companies to anticipate consumer behaviour and market trends, as well as being used to bolster marketing efforts. More and more, companies are employing AI marketing campaigns to get to the root of what their target market wants from them, and to project their message in the most efficient way possible. This article is looking at just some of the ways that AI can be integrated into digital marketing strategies, to best support the department.


AI can be used to automate not only content schedules, but also content creation. One of the biggest benefits to automation is that it allows tasks to tick over in the background, and staff energy can be re-focused to the areas that need it the most.

There are countless AI content creation tools that will automatically generate content within given parameters. These tools are most common for written content, but developments are being made for designed content as well. All you need to do is define what you want a piece of content to cover, and the software does the rest.

Email blasts and social media posts can also be scheduled and managed by AI automation. With these, once you’ve uploaded the relevant content, you can simply schedule them to go out at your preferred time.


Machine learning is the use of algorithms that can improve on their own, independent of human involvement, through the use of data. It mimics human development, by taking what it learns about a group of individuals and adapting its actions to be most pleasing to said group.

From the data collected by machine learning, companies can determine what’s driving sales and leads, and what their audience responds to. This is really beneficial for digital marketing strategies, as the data is effectively feedback from a customer base, which is invaluable in optimising customer experiences.

Another way in which machine learning comes in handy is with chatbots on websites. These are a great marketing tool, as your site can interact with visitors directly, which often results in a longer stay on your website. This is a great way to boost engagement, and by using AI you don’t need to spare any staff for the task.


As humans it’s unavoidable that we sometimes make mistakes. Even the best content creators and marketing executives will drop the ball on occasion, and while it is understandable, it can appear unprofessional.

This is where artificial intelligence comes in – there are lots of AI-powered tools out there that help to reduce, or eliminate, human error. One example of this is Grammarly, a software that provides spelling and grammar solutions for a piece of text, in real-time as you type. Grammarly employs rules, patterns, and artificial intelligence technologies to improve your writing for you, saving you both time and stress.


Cookies are small pieces of code that are downloaded by web browsers and used to track user activity. They’re now used widely by almost every website out there, and their aim is to allow a company to better understand their site visitors, in order to produce more tailored user experiences.

Targeted adverts are the biggest end result from cookie usage, as the cookies track a person’s browser history and suggest products or services that align with frequent searches. This way, a product is being shown to the person who is most likely to be interested in, and benefit from it.

As well as improving a customer’s user experience, companies can also learn from the data collected by cookies and tailor their future marketing campaigns to the demographic that is most likely to resonate with their message. This way, marketing efforts can be more deliberate, and ultimately result in more click throughs and sales.

AI marketing is responsible for some of the biggest advances in user and customer experience, and it’s incredible to be a part of the era that is making the leap. As artificial intelligence continues to develop and advance, so too will the digital marketing capabilities that come with its use. We can’t wait to see what’s possible in the future.

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