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In 2022, the social media platforms we know and love have undergone a significant change - with many updating for the better. As a result, the way we use and interact with social media has shifted, the features we can enjoy have evolved, and the different types of content we can share have morphed, creating new spaces of social connectivity.

From Twitter Circles to TikTok Shops, new features and functionality have been embedded into our favourite social channels, allowing us to sell, speak, share, and send more to those in our network.

But as we're entering the penultimate season of the year, it's a good time to reflect on the updates and upgrades our socials have gone through so far in 2022 and look back on social media as we knew it.


  • Grid Pinning

One of the most influential updates to our Instagram profiles this year was the introduction of grid pinning - allowing users to pin three of their favourite posts at the top of their profile. This helped users to highlight their most popular or more informative posts on their grid, no matter how long ago they were shared.

  • 90 Second Reels

By extending the length of Reels in 2022, Instagram allowed its users to share more content than ever before, with more vlog-style videos, tutorials, songs and performances being shared through the app. This also allowed for more music to be shared and played over Reels, allowing artists to benefit from the change.

  • Reels Templates

As viral Reels trends began circulating, users were encouraged to share their own take through templated Reels this year. This feature allows the user to use someone else's video and perfectly sync up their photos and videos to the audio used in the clip - without having to measure their own clip length and transitions.

  • 'Add Yours' Stickers

Every single user of Instagram will have come across an 'Add Yours' sticker on a story or Reel by now. The engaging sticker invites followers to share videos or photos of a certain topic, i.e. 'share your worst school photo', 'share your break-up song', 'share your Halloween outfit', with users able to click the sticker and respond.


  • Twitter Circles

Much like the 'close friends' feature on Instagram, Twitter has created Circles - a button to click that allows the user to share their content with a specific audience rather than to the whole of Twitter. This can help users to share private or personal content without worrying about it being seen by those outside of their agreed following.

  • Podcasts in Spaces

Podcasts were introduced into the 'Spaces' tab on Twitter earlier this year, where audio creators can upload their own content and listen to other podcasts without leaving the Twitter app. Twitter has also used the Spaces tab to help curate recommended content, as the user can add a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' to the different content suggested.

  • Safety Mode

Safety Mode is a new method to help Twitter users remove harmful or upsetting content from the platform - allowing it to automatically block specific profiles from sharing if they feel the language used is inappropriate. If an account is blocked, it won't be able to interact with the blocker's profile for up to seven days.


  • Reels from Facebook Videos

One of the most significant updates to Facebook in 2022 was the introduction of Reels, or rather, the ability to transform a video shared on Facebook into a Reel itself. This allows users to repurpose content across both Instagram and Facebook easily and helps boost Facebook's growing audience for short-form content.

  • Photo Descriptions

Designed to help Facebook posts and images become more accessible to visually impaired users, the site has implemented an Alt Tags feature and audio description service for those browsing their feeds. If they click the 'Alt Tags' button, a brief description of the image will be constructed by AI and read aloud to the user.

  • Age-Restricted Advertising

As of 2022, adverts will no longer be shared with or sent to users under 18 years old on Facebook. In addition, the platform has brought in new restrictions to prevent teenagers on the app from being targeted with advertising and inappropriate content.


  • Notify Employees

One of the most valuable features rolled out from LinkedIn in 2022 is the 'notify employees' function, which lets all business employees know when a post from their company has been published. This then encourages them to read and share the post, spreading information even further and helping improve marketing efforts for the brand.

  • Edit After Sending

In the Direct Messaging function of LinkedIn, users will now be allowed to edit or delete any messages delivered to another user - even after they've read them. This allows users to improve their communications and prevent any misinformation from being shared.

  • Pronouns

In solidarity with the trans community, LinkedIn has also introduced the 'Pronouns' option to users, inviting them to share their preferred pronouns on their profiles. This feature encourages users to input their pronouns correctly and enables all users to feel comfortable and safe being themselves on the platform.


  • WooCommerce TikTok Shops

In 2022, TikTok partnered with WooCommerce to allow users to set up shops through the app. Through this, users can sell their handmade products or services and use WooCommerce to set up their shops and secure payment systems.

  • 'Friends' Tab

To help users view their friends' content first, TikTok has developed a 'Friends' tab which allows users to scroll through the latest uploads from their mutual followers - without being integrated with their more comprehensive feed. This helps to keep users' preferred viewing habits custom and personalised.

  • Screen Breaks

As part of a commitment to promote digital wellbeing, TikTok has also introduced the feature of a Screen Break, in which users can be told to slow down on their scrolling or to take a break after using the app for an extended period of time.

As society changes, our social media platforms will always follow suit, and it's always good to know that your requests are being listened to. (We've even heard that a Twitter edit button might be in the works!)

So keep an eye out for the next social media update in 2022, and give the LVE THT socials a follow to find out the latest about our projects and services!



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