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A good brand tagline is worth its weight in gold; it’s catchy, it’s memorable, and it communicates the brand’s core messaging in only a handful of words. Where a logo is the first thing people see, a tagline is the first thing they hear, so it needs to be as convincing and attention-grabbing as the visuals are. It’s hard to create a truly effective brand tagline, but some brands have absolutely nailed the task – these are our top five.


Disneyland is synonymous with fun for the whole family and as a place where dreams can come true, and so it’s fitting that the brand’s tagline is ‘The happiest place on Earth’. The tagline is so effective because it evokes the feeling of joy that is felt at Disney parks, and gives its audience a familiar warm and fuzzy feeling of unadulterated childish delight.

As well as relating to the emotions that are felt at Disneyland parks, the tagline also contains a strong link to Disney’s company mission of ‘entertaining, informing, and inspiring people around the globe’.


For a long time, diamonds were a gemstone reserved for only the wealthy. However, when De Beers released its famous tagline, ‘A diamond is forever’, they changed the game. This tagline made diamonds feel less like unattainable, yet disposable, commodities and more like investment pieces that will last a lifetime. As well, the marketing that went alongside the tagline positioned diamonds as the must-have stone for engagement and wedding rings.

It was this tagline and associated advertising that really drove up demand for diamonds in the engagement sector, and it’s still as effective today as it was some decades ago. All you have to do to see proof of this is impact is to look at just how many diamonds sit on the left hand of brides all around the world.


Almost as recognisable as the golden arches of McDonald’s logo, is the brand’s tagline, ‘I’m lovin’ it’. And, just in the same way that the arches bring about salivating mouths and rumbling stomachs, the tagline evokes the familiar sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that McDonald’s lovers feel when eating its food.

The beauty of this tagline is that it’s applicable to everyone who visits the fast-food chain, from children through to adults – it’s a catch-all that everyone can relate to. This, in conjunction with its short, snappy nature and catchy accompanying jingle, is what makes the tagline so effective.


Pokemon has been a franchise for generations. From video games to cards to mobile apps, generation after generation has immersed themselves in the magical land of Pokemon.

The brand’s tagline, ‘Gotta catch ‘em all’, is as timeless as the game itself. Directly referencing game play, the phrase brings back fond memories of losing yourself in the game, developing your trainers’ skills and scouring spaces for elusive Pokemon species to bag. Whether you’ve played the game in the last week, or whether it’s been years since you picked it up, hearing the iconic tagline is sure to make you reminisce.


Apple has a knack of staying one step ahead of its competition, and paving the way in technological developments for everyday objects. So, it’s fitting that such a unique and industry-leading company should have the tagline, ‘Think different’.

The tagline not only indicates the company’s stand-out nature and superior product line, but it also asks something of its audience. It asks them to stand back and reconsider what they think they already know, to not be afraid to do things that others might not. Apple has always stood apart from its competitors, never afraid to stand alone in a crowd, and this tagline only cements that fact.

There’s one thing that all these taglines have in common, and that’s their simplicity. They take the core components of each brand’s mission, and convert them into a clean and uncluttered, yet powerful phrase. And what’s more, they’ve all stood the test of time – these companies are decades, if not centuries old! In our books, they all deserve a round of applause.

If you’re looking for help with your company branding, we’d love to hear from you! Follow this link to start a conversation today.



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