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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

When trying to write a killer piece of content for your business, you need to find a great headline to draw your readers in. You need a solid argument, a gripping conclusion, a flowing structure and an engaging topic that you know people want to discuss.

But sometimes the creativity just doesn’t come. You can be stuck staring at an empty page with nothing to say and nothing to write about that’ll truly match your brief. You hit a big wall of writer's block and no matter how many cups of coffee, inspirational walks or brainstorming sessions you have, nothing seems to help.

So we’ve put together some of our favourite sites of creativity and inspiration - designed to help you find the perfect topic for your next content piece, no matter who or what you’re writing about.


If you haven’t heard of Medium, now is the time to explore it. It’s an expansive publication site where anyone can write articles on any topic at all and find different pieces of content to read from all over the world. With different categories for different industries, writing styles, topics and genres, you can find so many fascinating and thought-provoking articles to look through as you hunt for inspiration of your own. Medium is particularly useful for hosting lengthy argumentative pieces, that pose a question or an opinion on their industry. Simply taking a look through some of these articles and headlines can give you an idea of what sort of content your industry is reading right now and the topics they want to hear about. And if in doubt, why not compile a recommended reading list of your favourite Medium articles for your readers to enjoy!


LinkedIn is another great site for finding out about your audience’s interests and questions. Although not widely known as a publication site, LinkedIn does allow lengthy articles and blog posts to be shared; many with the same calibre as Medium. But even the simple posts and thoughts shared on LinkedIn can be useful for provoking opinions, sharing concerns, highlighting new trends and illuminating areas of your industry that you might not have picked up on before.

Even reading through some of the comments on a popular LinkedIn post can spark inspiration, with many users writing detailed responses on their working lives, their thoughts on certain topics and their attitude towards new trends.


Ello is the hub of all things creative. Not only is it a site of creative briefs for artists to pick up and apply for, but it is also a great place to find inspiration from blog posts, articles and writers. Built with a number of different features for users to experience, Ello has a gallery where artists can submit their latest work, whether it be a piece of graphic art, poetry, photography or quotation.

This is a really useful tool when hunting for inspiration as you can click through content from a huge range of creatives from different backgrounds, cultures and industries - helping you to find the perfect piece of content for your business. Plus their blog is pretty great too!


Designed and created with writers in mind, The Writer is a space where you can find a big number of tips, advice and inspiration for writing your next content piece. With a smart and witty blog, focusing on delivering high-quality written content, and handy tools such as readability checkers and style guides, it’s a useful place to both find creative inspiration for your article, and bring it up to scratch once it’s done.

Take a listen to their podcast or flick through some of their whitepapers to find out more about the writing experience from different authors and perspectives, to help glean some inspiration for your own writing style.


Quora might be an unusual choice for this list, but just hear us out. Quora is a forum site, designed to help users get answers to some big (and small) questions - on any possible topic. With queries ranging from ‘Why does my hamster smell funny?’ to ‘Why should we or shouldn't we continue down the path of social progressivism being presented by the Biden administration and Democrats?’ you can find a range of conversation and debate happening across this multi-layered site.

You could even submit your own question and create a think piece based on the answers you receive from Quora users, finding out useful information, opinions and data from a big sample size of contributors!


If you need to find your creativity in modern design, innovative concepts and funky websites, then Thursday is the site for you. A unique spin on the traditional dating app concept, Thursday offers singles to meet up for one day a week in a safe, modern bar in your area for an online/offline style of dating. Their sugar pink branding and progressive approach to an old-fashioned routine is perfect for sparking that little bit of inspiration to get your creative flow started.

Use their creativity to ignite your own and utilise their innovation to create a piece that’s just as progressive, modern and thought-provoking as Thursday.

Yep, if you want to find some great pieces of inspiration to promote your business - why not start from the source? Your Google Analytics is a good place to start investigating exactly how your readers and users use your site, the pages they look at most, the searches they make and their interest in your business. You can calculate which of your previous posts have performed well and try to mimic them or improve them, you could identify which of your services is the most popular and write a promotional piece on them or you could even figure out which platform brings in the most traffic and write an opinion piece about that site.

Not only will Google Analytics help you to work out exactly what your individual readers will want to know, it can also help you to identify when to post and where to achieve the best results!

It’s not always easy knowing where to start when sketching out a new content piece, but inspiration is always out there.

Where do you go to find creative inspiration for your projects? Can you recommend any sites for content inspiration?

Or are you need help with a new project? Feel free to reach out to us for help here!




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