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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

In 2022, marketing personas are some of the most useful tools businesses can have to effectively develop their digital strategies and plans. From helping you to understand exactly who your audience is, to creatively marketing your content towards them, marketing personas allow you to visualise your users on an individual basis - making your advertising efforts easier and more personal than ever.


A marketing persona is essentially an imagined persona for businesses to target when creating their marketing content. The persona is usually built up of a mixture of past and current clients, their characteristics, and the problems they are looking to solve. Your persona might be very detailed and contain personal information such as marital status, average income, hobbies, and interests, or it might be simple and just focus on the core characteristics of a user.

This persona becomes the ideal user that all of your marketing content should be funneled towards, and should be a consideration when creating new and future content. Your chosen persona can influence your digital tone of voice, where you share your content, how often and the assets and imagery used - making your content seem more appealing and useful to them.


When creating your first marketing persona, it can be useful to look through some past analytics and stats to try and inform exactly who your current users are. Finding out information such as personal characteristics, ages, genders, locations and even job roles can help you to build up a profile of the average person using your services.

You might want to give them a name, a budget of how much they have to spend, and even a backstory if it helps your marketing team to truly bring the persona to life.

Then it’s a good idea to establish a problem that your target user or persona needs to solve, ideally through your services. For example:

  • ‘I want to find an easier way of doing my job, without losing lots of time to research. I have a busy job, and a family to look after, so time is very valuable to me.’

  • ‘I struggle to find the right staff and team members for my business. I often don’t have time to sort through CVs and interview candidates as I travel a lot, but I have big projects coming up that I need help with.’

  • ‘I have a small business but I don’t have the knowledge or resources to market it online. I struggle with technology and need some help, especially as I run the business alone.’

There are lots of templates and examples online of the best ways to set out and create your marketing persona, and they can be a great asset to any marketing team!


Now that you’ve got a solid persona established, it’s important to consider where exactly they might go to find the solution to their problems.

Are they more likely to use Google or social media to outsource work? Do they prefer emails or calls? Do they get their latest industry updates from LinkedIn or magazines? Do they attend local networking events or Zoom workshops?

If they’re on social media, which platforms? How often do they check them? Do they check it on their phones or on their desktops?

In finding the answers to these questions, you can create an ideal outreach plan to land your marketing right in front of your target user, in the spaces they trust the most! You can also begin to tailor your content too, making shifts in the language and imagery you use to better connect with this new audience.

If you’re looking to find out more about marketing personas, or want to know more about how LVE THT can help with your next marketing outreach strategy, drop us a message!

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