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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

When planning your first social media strategy, there’s always so much to consider. From the content and the captions to the analytics and the ads, it can feel like a seriously chaotic process. But we also know how important it is to nail your strategy on socials to help promote your brand and build a good reputation with your customers, reminding them of all the reasons they should be working with you.

So how do you get started when planning out your social media strategy? Where do you start when planning out a campaign? What do you use to schedule, analyse, draft and edit your posts?

We’ve put together our top 5 tools to make your social media strategy so much easier in 2022:

Trello is the perfect tool for planning out your visual social feed and marking out your post schedule in a simple, straightforward system. With different boards for different projects, and cards to plot out weeks and months of posts, it provides a great visual layout for both you and your team to see every post scheduled for the period ahead.

You can add images to each card to create a mock-up social post, colour-coded tags to highlight different social channels or approval notes, feedback in the comments and even a custom background to help bring your board to life.

With a variety of useful functions and add-ons to include, such as a calendar and to-do list feature, it’s the perfect organisational tool to share within your team for easy, collaborative work.

Our favourite feature: Colour-coded, customizable tags!

The ultimate collaborative platform, Monday is a great tool to use with your team to create to-do lists, progress reports and content schedules - without the fuss! Shared with your group, this handy tool can help you to build out lists of work, posts, articles and tasks, with accessible markers for updates and easy tagging functionality to keep everyone on the same page.

With a wonderfully modern and colourful UX, visually, Monday is fun and simple to use, with different project boards for each task you undertake. Perfect for integrating with different apps and add-ons, it’s another great customisable tool to suit your team's needs.

Our favourite feature: Unlimited to-do lists!

When it comes to scheduling your social posts, there’s no better tool than Buffer. With a really simple, accessible and clean UX, it’s a great piece of kit to plan out your posts and get them ready for posting in just a few clicks!

Designed in a structured, accordion-style calendar, with recommended posting times built-in, this tool can directly publish your posts, no matter how far in advance you schedule them. As a free user, you’ll be able to connect your four main social channels, but for agencies and freelancers with multiple clients, the Pro plans offer a great range of additional functions too.

Buffer is also constantly improving its functionality and accessibility, meaning that it’s a growing and developing app that’s changing for the better - making it easier than ever to manage your socials.

Our favourite feature: Auto-published Instagram posts!

We know there are plenty of hi-tech, in-depth design programmes out there and that Adobe is the reigning champ when it comes to asset design, but for this list, we’re proudly throwing Canva into the ring.

Canva is the most accessible and versatile design programme available online, for free, and it offers so many important design features and functionality through its handy digital platform. Through Canva you can create social assets and graphics, design branding, build mock-up Instagram feeds, create colour palettes and find imagery for your posts.

You can use a huge collection of fonts, graphics, illustrations and colours to help build up a cohesive, visually appealing and on-trend campaign for your business, without the need for hefty downloaded programmes and complicated design skills. Your entire team can build through Canva, making it a truly inclusive and collaborative tool.

Our favourite feature: The Brand Palette library that saves your brand identity for easy replication in future projects!

Picture this scenario: You’re on the move, rushing to a meeting, and you’ve forgotten to grab your latest Instagram asset from your laptop before setting off. You need to post it soon but you don’t have time to download it from your drive and email it to yourself, just to get the image onto your phone.

Enter Snapdrop! Snapdrop is a really useful tool for transferring important files, photos and documents between your laptop and your phone, or your laptop and someone else’s, or your phone and someone else’s phone. It’s a virtual transfer network that removes the hassle of emailing or messaging files with just a few simple clicks. No sign up, no login, no details saved - just simple transfer software to go.

With a really simple concept and reliable transfer speeds, you can trade large files in a number of seconds with Snapdrop, grabbing post images, hashtag spreadsheets, caption notes and even login details from your laptop before you’ve even finished your coffee. It’s a quick and handy tool that can save you so much time and so much storage space too, and is great for socials on the go!

Our favourite feature: The quirky name Snapdrop gives your device with every transfer! Today our LVETHT laptop is ‘Salmon Sole’!

Your social media strategy doesn’t have to be cluttered and chaotic with these easy and free tools. Simple, straightforward and versatile, these collaborative platforms are great for creating a smooth process for your next social campaign online.

Find out more about our social media delivery services at LVE THT or sign up to our LVE THT Academy to learn the tricks of the trade for yourself!




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